Cost centers

Cost centers are required in connection with the usage information.

By defining separate cost centers per customer, project, etc., you can break down the costs of your searches and charge or book them. All AOMweb activities are booked to the selected cost center until a different or no cost center is selected.

In order to use cost centers, you need to activate the Use cost centers checkbox in the Settings.

To select or define cost centers, access the Search page. On the menu bar at the top right of your screen, click .

Choose one of the following options:

  • No cost center:
    With this option, all AOMweb activities are logged in an overall manner and cannot be split up into different cost centers later on.
  • Selecting an existing cost center:
    Click the cost center on which you want to book your subsequent AOMweb activities.
  • Adding a new cost center:
    Enter the name of the new cost center into the text field and click the symbol. Click the new cost center to activate it.
  • Deleting a cost center:
    Click the symbol next to the cost center you want to delete.

Cost centers are evaluated in the usage information.